Sash Window Repairs London offer a full sash window service. Please see our list below:

  • Sash window draught proofing.

Our comprehensive five year guarantee draught proofing will eliminate draughts ,stop rattling from breezes, eliminate dust ingress that soil curtains, as well as help reduce the amount of noise. We use quality nylon brush piles designed to last many years beyond the guarantee period.

  • Sash window repairs.

We will repair sashes, frames, make good to any timber that is defective. We will repair any window until is is not cost effective to do so. We make use of existing joinery and then only replace rotten and perished sections.

  • Double glaze and replace original glazing making use of original sash and frame.

Rather than entirely replacing to receive double glazing benefits, we attempt to save homeowners money by double glazing existing sashes. This service involves rebating your sashes more deeply to hold a double glazed unit. This service is only effective on windows that are of certain thickness.

  • Manufacture and install new double sashes into original frame.

Sashes are made like for like matches to the single glazed originals. These replicas have a double glazed unit installed as opposed to traditional glazing. this service will be considered when we cannot double glaze the original sashes.

  • Entire single or double glazed sash window replacement.

Full replacement and surrounds can be supplied hard and softwood. We provide primed, undercoated, and fully gloss finishes upon customer request. Our windows use only high quality Pilkington Low-E glass to conform to all modern building requirements.

  • Window sill replacement.

Before fully replacing frames we will partially splice to make good. A sill replacement should be considered when it is no longer economical to make a minor splice to the sill itself. We provide sill section in hard and softwood as per the clients preference.

  • Seal and Point Frames.

Frames that have moved and pointing perished we will make good. We can use silicone or make good with traditional mortar. The method used depends upon the width of gap. Large gaps should be filled with mortar, while smaller benefit from adhesive properties of silicone.

  • Replace glazing.

We offer 4mm clear, 6.4mm safety laminate, and sandblasted/satin glass as standards. We can supply any glass in the Pilkington range however there may be a small delay sourcing and delivering.

  • Upgrade Security.

We provide catches as part of our comprehensive overhaul and draught proof. It is sensible to install security restrictors as part of your upgrade to reduce risk of property theft as well as validate home insurance. Many insurance companies now require at a minimum a locking security restrictor.

  • Overhaul sash windows.

New sash cords, parting beads, and new staffing moulds are supplied and fitted as part of our overhaul service.

  • Conservation and listed building work.

We carry out all listed and conservation work. For detailed information regarding this service please contact us directly as your requirements will be very much case by case.

  • French Door Repairs and draught proofing.

We repair, restore and draught proof French doors as part of our service. We will also fit locking sets on request.