Sash Window Repairs

We specialise in sash window repairs in London. All our repairs are comprehensive and come with full warranty for a five year period. If your windows have been neglected, and are in need of some care we will be glad to assist. Our sash window repairs range from:

Window sill repairs. Typically Windows that have rotten section or have weathering require new or spliced repairs. We offer both and only repair what is required. We will not remove a sill entirely if it can be repaired and structurally good with a smaller, cost effective timber splice repair.
Replacement sash cords. We remove sashes, plane the sashes to fit frame better, we then replace the sash cords checking that the weighting is correct and when rebuilt sashes will be balanced and not slide up and down of their own doing. This service is often combined with sash window draught proofing.
Replacement glazing. We supply 4mm and 6mm glass as standard and it is in all our mobile workshops. It makes sense when replacing sash cords with windows already out to replace the glazing as well. Please note we cannot replace glass cost effectively unless combined with overhaul or draught proofing system.
Repair putty. When putty becomes old and is exposed to the sun it will become brittle, crack and eventually fall out. We will remove as much defective putty as possible and then replace with fresh new putty. Please note if you intend to decorate shortly after please warn us in advance so we make make a dry compound. If you use fresh linseed putty and then decorate the paint will split as the linseed oil seeps out. This is normal and cannot be avoided unless dry compound is incorporated.
Install new timbers. Fresh timbers are supplied for parting and staff sections when a window is overhauled. This is the only part of a window we will actively replace and is considered a consumable. In the event your timbers are in excellent condition we will not replace and merely clean up and refurbish them.
Full restoration. From start to finish we will splice defective timbers, overhaul, and then draught proof your sash windows. We will then provide a comprehensive decoration service. We can burn off flakey paint of go right back to original timber and stain. The finish is exceptional however please be warned this is not a cheap operation and much better suited to an avid DIY enthusiast at their own pace. It’s also worth burning off before we arrive because you may break glass which we can replace as required.
Renovation. Much the same as full restoration we fully renovate your sash windows.
Venetian sash window repairs. This type of window has sash cords which run outside of your left and right sashes down into the box either side. They look beautiful however because of length of cord and friction become stuck and do not travel freely. We make sure when complete your windows function nicely as well as being draught proofed.
French door repairs. To improve on our sash window service and provide a fuller package we will also refurbish period French doors. Warped, draughty, and rotten we will make good and decorate if you require.
Security upgrades. New sash window furniture and security restrictors can be installed.