Sash Window Draught Proofing

Sash window draught proofing is the absolute new minimum we should be aiming for in our traditional properties. The system, once installed offers brilliant energy savings as well as reduces carbon footprint. The money saved is real, it often outweighs the cost of the service in a few short years. When considering this cost saving is purely gas, which is not environmentally friendly and is limited, it is hard to understand why this service isn’t subsidised more heavily by the government. It is helped by a reduced VAT rate of just 5% but this does not do anything to balance with the positives of the draught proofing system.

Typically draught proofing is going to set you in around £200 per window. For that cost we provide a rebated draft proofing system, that sits neatly inside the frame. As a bi product of draught proofing we me replace sash cords, counterbalance, and then make windows function. We supply a Brighton Fastener free of charge as this is used to pull meeting rails more firmly together.

What this means is after about 4 years your draught proofing system will pay for itself in reduced gas and electricity bills. There are exceptions to the price quoted, windows may be extremely large, difficult access, or in need of repairs as well. Sash window repairs are separate to the charges noted here and a comprehensive list of what we do can be found.

Draught seals are made of nylon, unfortunately there is no choice in this matter, cotton based pile deteriorates far too quickly and the cost of using nylon in this case outweighs considerably. The net weight of nylon in your window would not reach 100 grams. It is not a considerable amount. We could draught proof 20 homes before the same amount of plastic is used to make just one plastic window!

Another benefit of the draught proofing system is sound proofing. While it’s no where near the efficiency of double glazing, sealing all gaps makes for a considerable impact on the noise pollution in your home. Typically, clients that do not wish to opt for double glazing will combine the use of draft proofing with nice weighty curtains to maximise the amount of noise kept out of the property. In terms of cost this is considerably better than double glazing or secondary glazing and in fact pound for pound the very best service for your home, with the exception of loft insulation which is an absolute must.