Double Glaze Sash Windows

If you’ve already had quotes to double glaze your original sash windows in London, would you believe it’s possible to do it for around ¬£500 per window? We can achieve this price through a number of brilliant cost saving options. Rather than entirely replacing the sashes, we will make use of them. We remove the original glazing and putty exposing the old timber rebate. We then use this rebate by deepening it and widening it with a purpose made router bit. This offer the chance to neatly install a double glazed unit in place of the single glazed. Most sashes are able to carry a double glazed unit but they must be in reasonably good structural condition to manage the extra weight. ¬†Once the old rebate is made to accept the double glazed unit we use a quality silicone that will not break to bed the unit. An external timber glazing bead is then applied in place of putty to improve the external finish. In most cases where putty is not in perfect condition this will improve the look of your windows. It is also impossible from ten metres to see your windows have been double glazed looking straight on at them.

If your windows are not capable of holding a double glazed unit within the original sash then the next best option is to have the sashes replaced and make use of the existing frame. This service costs around 25-40% more than double glazing of existing sash windows but is still excellent value for money when considered against entire sash window replacement. This service works out to be half the price of entire replacement and in most cases almost equally as efficient at noise and heat retention. Double glazing alone is not enough, windows must be draught proofed as well in order to get the most from this service.

We do offer full double glazing of sash windows in London and we supply the entire window replacements fully decorated with the most up to date security options. It is not a service we push at client, we will always try to make use of existing joinery where possible, despite onsite work being more difficult and less comfortable, it is the correct thing to do for homeowners of London.