London Sash Window Repairs offer low cost, quality timber repairs and we won’t be beaten.

Typically an overhaul and draught proof costs £188 per window. This includes the sashes being removed and a draught sealing system installed on all perimeters to improve the heat retention within your property. We also supply new sash ropes as well as timber profiles for the draught proofing system. The service is then finished off with new hardware in a choice of styles and finishes.

A replacement window sill will cost £120 per window unless there is considerably more work than a standard sill to replace and splice. Considerably more work would involve splicing styles as well as curved sill section and sill sections that run a bay or Venetian window. The normal rate is as stated however and the most commonly charged price.

Replacement sash starts at £190 and goes upwards with how much joinery work is involved. Lots of glazing bar and ornate design takes longer, and costs more than the standard price.

Before we replace a sash fully we offer a comprehensive sash repair service. We will replace bottom rails (£120), splice repair smaller defective areas(£80) as well as prime and under coat those repairs. We will repair until not economically viable to do so.

Sash window recording and counterbalance starts at  £120 per window. It is worth considering an overhaul and draught proof as it is a vastly more complete service and only fractionally more costly. Without doubt it offers better value for money as well as payback on your heating.

We double glaze existing sash windows from £480.00 per window. We use a Pilkingto low-E sealed unit that will come with a five year guarantee. We rebate your original sash to carry This unit and then rebuild with a draught proofing system. It is excellent value for money and considerably cheaper than replacing sashes or full replacement.

Manufacture of double glazed sash for installation within an original frame starts at £680. In the event we cannot double glaze original this option is the next best in terms of cost with regards to heat and sound insulation.

Complete double glazed replacement starts at £1480 and we can provide hardwood, softwood, and finishes from bare exposed timber to fully decorated and anything in between.

All our services come with a five year guarantee. If there is a service you required then please do get in touch as we will be able to help. Our prices are honest and to the best of our knowledge the cheapest and highest quality available in London at this time.