About Us

London Sash Window Repairs keep your home warm, safe, and maintenance free with our no quibble five year repairs guarantee. If your windows develop draughts within your guarantee period we will come to your property and make good the defect. This is not a common occurrence, our materials are quality, expensive, and built to last. We are not interested in short term, quick fixes, that need a repair twelve months down the line, or in some cases that we’ve seen, straight after the previous installer! Not only that we will not be beaten on price. Our price is a carpenters rate for quality. Pound for Pound we will do more work, feel free to bring us a like for like quote, if it’s genuine we will beat it.

Refurbishment follows strict master craftsmen procedures. We will cut away defective timber, exposed timber will then be treated and sealed. Sash Window Repairs London will treat and seal new timber splice inside the joint (in the event of an expansion or contraction crack to be sure no harm is done), and then we will resin bond and mechanical fix so an everlasting repair. If your windows are maintained in the years following our careful and sympathetic treatment then you will never need to structurally repair your sash windows again

We do not effect resin only repairs, we see them as a false economy. Firstly resin is an expensive product and throwing one set into a window is better spent splicing quality timbers the way repairs used to be done, and last. We will repair using the same timber as we cut away if at all possible to try to keep timber movement equal.

This is all part of London Sash Window Repairs’ ethos, aims and objectives:

  • We don’t do shortcuts.
  • We do quality first time.
  • We are punctual.
  • We are transparent about the repairs and draught proofing we carry out.

The homeowner should be in full control and understand exactly the work we are carrying out. This effort is not wasted time, it allows both client and business to be fully sure of the expectations from both parties. This is approach has served us and out clients well for over fifteen years.

We are a Limited, VAT registered company operating from England and can supply many references for all types of sash window services, please feel free to ask us, we will be more than happy to provide you with similar jobs that you can visit and gauge the quality for yourself.

If you have sash window repairs in London or you require draught proofing, double glazing, or would like to speak to a specialist about your options then we will be glad to take your call or email.

If you’re not convinced yet why not take a look at our Sash Window Repairs London Services page so you can see the types of repairs that we will offer. We also have a prices pages where we are clear about our pricing policy and terms.