Would you honestly rip out your original sash windows?

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May 31, 2017

I’ve come up with an interesting theory, how on Earth are we missing so many original sash windows. I’ve not removed one original sash window and frame that wasn’t totally beyond repair in my life. Sure I’ve replaced sashes like for like making use of the original frame, I’m contracted and paid to do so. But I’ve never ripped a window out without good reason. Where have all these windows gone.

Largely I blame UPVC fans and the ever increasing number of companies that shot up in the 90s and earlier turn of the Millennium. When I started windows twenty years ago restoration companies were the minority, but now it’s a balanced equation and doesn’t London look all the better for it. So many homes have had ugly UPVC replaced with original sash windows offered in place. The way people now fight tooth and nail to reduce property price on purchase if originals or replicas are not installed has massively increased the number of homes in London with beautiful windows. I’m for one extremely pleased about this. OK so there are 100 companies repairing windows as opposed to the 10 or so competitors I used to have, but the massive increase in companies is a direct result of the publics awareness and increase in number of windows being refurbished. I welcome the change and I welcome the competition. Anyone already established in the market would and should. Numbers of UPVC in London are on the decline and refurbishment up. A typical sash window refurbishment is good for ten to fifteen years. The number of windows I can repair, I just couldn’t make a dent on my own before they all needed refurbishing again. What a great time London property is in and let’s hope the sympathetic restoration continues.

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