London Sash Window Repairs

London Sash Window Repairs offer a full sash window service to Wandsworth, Southwark, Lewisham,  Lambeth, Greenwich, Hammersmith, Chelsea, and Westminster. If your not in London Sash Window Repairs primary zones then still, please feel free to get in touch as we will most likely be able to facilitate.

Built upon the foundation of repair rather than replacement, London Sash Window Repairs work with existing joinery to breathe life back into your property. Sash windows fully refurbished and decorated have no rival. UPVC and Alumminium  have no place in your period home, as well as detract from appearance, they are costly long term, and damaging on our ever worsening environment. Hardly surprising, that we don’t know where to put our rubbish when we keep on making it. Still, at least there are now a dedicated group of companies repairing sash windows rather than immediately looking for a fast payoff replacing where they can.

Our main services involve replacing sash window cords, repairing and splicing sash window sills, as well as installing draft seals to your original sash windows. The draft seals are inside the frames and not noticeable or even visible unless window opened. Very discreet, and doing a brilliant job of keeping your home warm. Would I recommend draught proofing instead of costly replacement. Absolutely yes, not only because that is what I do might I add, I do what I do because I love to work with old and interesting joinery. I really appreciate traditional period property and the conservation of it. I am an avid fan of going green and wherever possible do so. Until we stop burning fossil fuels and switch to wind, solar, and other clean energy sources, I believe we should be doing our absolute best to protect the environment. That starts with saving energy at home. Did you know a draught proofing system will save the average 3 bed home around £400 a year in gas? That’s a lot of gas, not to mention a lot of money to save over the lifetime of the draught proofing system.  This is one of those rare services that you should of already had. The sooner you make use of this energy efficient service the sooner you may start saving. London Sash Window Repairs guarantee the system for 5 years and expect your payback period to be around 4 years with our typical costs. Given that a system should last you over ten years this is a brilliant opportunity to do our bit for the environment and save money as well. Sash window repairs are also carried out at this time and combined to save money. If you like going green and doing your bit for the environment then please let us estimate on your property. We do the absolute minimum we can to get your windows structurally sound as well as offer a comprehensive decorators service. Please take a look at some of the work we’ve already done on our services page. Please also feel free to take a look at our London Sash Window Repairs service areas.